About Magpie Market

Specializing in Antiques, Vintage and Home Decor
What is a Magpie? Magpies are birds known for collecting shiny things. Over time, "Magpie" has become a word used to describe a person who is a collector. As the store is, in itself, a collection of vendor collections, the name Magpie Market just seemed to fit perfectly. Hopefully as you browse the vendor booths, nooks, showcases and endcaps of Magpie Market, you'll collect many treasures of your own.
Owners Heather Hudson and Carrie Talarzyk first met in Middle School. By the time they were in college, they discovered a mutual love of antiquing. Visiting local shows, flea markets, and garage sales they furnished their first places with antiques and 2nd hand finds. Heather moved to South Carolina shortly thereafter, and she and her husband opened a retail store there and loved it. Carrie remained in Columbus, and worked in real estate marketing and did side gigs decorating homes for friends. In 2003 Heather was back in Columbus and the two ran into each other in a thrift store, each with a one year old in tow. Those days were more about playgrounds, parks, and trips to the zoo, but once the kids were well into their school years, antiquing resumed and it became THEIR THING. Carrie was the first to open her own antique business, Flea Market Fairy, and gained experience as a vendor in three local malls. Heather was her cheerleader, hauler, and thrifting partner, before opening her own booth, The Timeless Toadstool, a few years later. During their many road trips to flea markets and antique shows, they would often discuss one day owning a store together. Little did they know their "this is how we would do a store" conversations would quickly turn into reality in the fall of 2021 when the store location in their hypothetical plan became available. Heather's retail ownership experience kicked in and leases were signed, LLC's created, point of sale systems selected. Meanwhile Carrie took the lead on designing the store, and finding vendors to fill it. After six weeks of construction, endless painting, and moving, Magpie Market opened for business in January 2022.