Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at Magpie Market. We currently have a waiting list for new vendors. Openings in our shop only come available a few times a year, therefore, we keep vendor applications on file for several months or more before we have an opening. We do not accept vendors chronologically. We select vendors by reviewing applications and finding the best fit for the store at the time of the opening. We try to find vendors who have a unique style with their collections and who create great displays.

Because of the limited turnover, we start everyone out in an endcap space. From the endcaps we move vendors to larger spaces as they become available. Vendors move up based on highest sales numbers and design best suited for the open space. Currently, endcaps rent for $100 per month.

Magpie Market currently charges rent, 11% commission and 3% credit card fees. While we have welcomed “new to the business” vendors, most of our vendors are experienced resellers. We expect that our vendors stock, merchandise, and maintain their spaces once a week at a minimum. We have a sales quota of 3x your rent in sales excluding sales tax. Vendors not achieving the quota, or showing significant growth towards the quota, will be asked to downsize or not have their leases renewed.

To be added to the wait list, please email the following information to, or bring hard copies to the store.
  1. Your contact information including your email, phone number, and social media links.
  2. A description of your experience as a vendor of antiques and vintage items.
  3. Photos of your displays/vignettes.

We will confirm with you that we have received your e-mail and are on our waiting list. You may not hear from us for some time, but please introduce yourself to us when you are in the shop. It is helpful to us to put a face to the names of those on our list.

Again, thanks for your interest in becoming a vendor at Magpie Market.

Heather Hudson and Carrie Talarzyk