KEENWARE CURATED DECOR - Marty Lenehan, the curator behind Keenware Curated Home Decor, brings a blend of education and experience to the world of vintage and antique home decor. With a B.S. in Interior Design and an A.S. in Graphic Design/Visual Communications, Marty possesses an eye for both beauty and function. Her passion lies in sourcing pieces that speak to European brocante and Dark Academia aesthetics, incorporating natural and painted woods. Keenware's ethos centers on the magic of blending old and new, embracing patinas and textures, and infusing homes with whimsy and cherished finds. Marty believes that surrounding yourself with objects that hold meaning and spark joy fosters a truly personal and unique living space. Come explore Keenware's curated collections and discover treasures that will transform your house into a haven that reflects your individual story.